Future Endeavors

Interview with a famous author

I have not had the chance to interview a famous author… yet. My dream? Either having the chance to go back in time to meet one of my literary idols, Edgar Alan Poe (yes The Raven was my first love) or if it was an author from today; I’d have to say I have great respect for a Ms. Jennifer Armentrout. I‘ve read many of her books and continue to do so; I find her very talented and just crazy creative.

But what say you? Who would be your dream author interview? Weigh in!


A Little Spice

I am new to blogging, so this site will slowly grow over the next few days to the end of the week. Another reason I started it was to introduce some of my writing. I am working on a story about the fall of angels, love, and maybe a lot of danger… #staytuned

Basically I want to combine my two favorite things in this website/blog, which is books and writing, and maybe get some constructive feedback from all kinds of voices. Say it sucks, say you love it, give me some advice, BUT I won‘t tolerate any hate. It has to help me grow as a writer, because up until recently I wasn’t even ready to share my writing with the world. Sometimes a little something shakes us up and makes us be more bold… who knows?

Writing is in my blood, it’s basically a lifelong fever I’ll never shake. I’m ready to burn up this site and see what you all think! Here’s a little poem I wrote that teases the beginning of the book I am working on…

A little bit of heaven

A spark of hell

Churning in the eyes of a pretty little girl

Eye of the Hurricane

Tears & Sunshine

It’s complicated when your sad about something that doesn’t warrant your pity or even basic human empathy. You feel guilty for not being sad, but then when you are filled with emotion a weird sense of anger sets in that you can’t explain. “Like how dare you get my tears when you brought me nothing but pain!” I’ll enlighten you all to my recent struggles… my abusive and sociopathic mother passed away last August to cancer. I have found myself dealing in many different ways. Therapy, travels, inflicting pain, sheer ignoring, and writing. When all you want is sunshine, all you sometimes feel you get is an overcast day.

“You wanted her broken”

“You wanted her pain”

”You thought she was just a little rain“

”When in truth she was the eye of a hurricane”


Feeling Your Reflection

Today is, well would’ve been my mother’s 58th birthday… and the passing of this day and has given me a myriad of emotions. I used to wonder when she was alive where she was, who she was with, was she thinking about her children? I always felt the passing of this day, no matter where I was, no matter what I was doing. Recently I have been feeling that when I look in the mirror I see her looking back at me, and the glitter of my tears reflects the sadness of what I am not dealing with.

Have you ever really paid attention to your reflection? Not your hair, clothes, or even that annoying pimple you can’t pop or cover up with make-up, but deeper… inside the depths of your eyes where all your secrets lie and the true you that is lurking right beneath the surface. I bet most of you haven’t, or maybe just a small percentage, and some of you have noticed those small traits passed onto you from your parents. Maybe you love them, maybe you don’t like them, or maybe your so-so on the matter.

For me it feels like my reflection is her. Hell I had to change my hair to feel different. I want to not be her. I want to look at my reflection and just feel like me… and not want to always break it so that the pain will stop.

I don’t see her anymore… although I do hear her in my laugh, she is there in my pale skin complexion, and her DNA is my DNA, her darkness is my darkness… but her legacy is not mine. What I choose to do next is my own, and I choose to walk towards the light.

“Oh my dear don’t you know?“

”You might be shattered,”

”But even broken glass still glitters in the light”


Lightning ⚡️

Inspiration sparks at the oddest times, and sometimes it finds you in different ways. A person, a book, an idea, a dream, or maybe some street art catches your eye and your like “darn, that’s some type of awesome right there!” No matter how it strikes, it feels the same… exciting, gets my pulse up and all I want to do is put my hands to the keys and let the words shake themselves out into a creative story or lyrical poetry.

Artists come in all forms. Painters take the rainbow to a canvas and bring us murals and great works of art that our eyes sometimes cannot fathom. Sculptors warp and twist pieces of clay into simple objects we can use or decorate our homes with, and then there are actual statues that mark history throughout the ages. Design is just a whole new level, especially now that the world has gone digital… but it allows us to create anything with the touch of our fingertip.

Writers… writers bleed their feelings and passions through ink. Writers pay attention to the world around them… and they write each detail they observe. It’s said never to cross a writer because they will immortalize you and your wrongdoing. Writers are the fabric of the universe, the recorders and authors of history, past and present. Driven to always be the story behind a beautiful picture, or a breathtaking monument… a writer is the storyteller. We are our own breed of artist.

I felt so inspired tonight upon reading a book I’ve shelved for so long… as reading has not been high on my to-do list… work, house-cleaning, pets, etc… Sometimes life gets in the way of passions and you yourself just get lost in translation. When I started reading that book of poetry it was like something just connected and I had that lightning in my blood sensation… its impossible not to write! I feel… sparked 🙂

Thunder rolled in the distance

Winds blew through the trees

Lightning lit up the skies

But even in the darkness

The real power lie in her eyes

Resolution #1

I’m a writer; I will be until I can’t write anymore. Problem is everyone that says I am talented have been family, friends, and maybe a teacher or two from like a decade back. I am creating this blog so I can see if my talent is real… which means being vulnerable to judgement and criticism… a blooming writer’s biggest fear. I will share thoughts, life events, short stories, and even poetry. I’m coming off a 2 year writers block so I’m a little rough around the edges… but heya to all fellow writers out there!!

Hello World

I started this blog to well, “get my writing out there.” It will be a mosh-up of thoughts, stories, journals, poetry, and just daily peeps into my life. Whatever I care to share. I am not starting this to compete for the most followers or likes or to make a living off of it… that’s what my job is for.

The followers that I do get, AMAZING and thank you 🙂 I just want to write and see what feedback I get. Paradiso will be unique, like me.