Am I Still Beautiful?

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Beauty is a funny word to me. I’m told we all have it… outer or inner. Then on the flip side there are instagram models, Victoria Secret Angels, and just “beautiful” people in general I can never add up to. What really defines beauty anyway?

I thought that when I was in my 20’s I was this hot little thing that no guy could say no to. I felt beautiful and invincible in a world where so many people are fat-shamed, called ugly, or trolled on the internet for how they look. Then something happened when I hit 30; I felt a little less “shiny” or duller I might say. My sparkle left. My hair felt coarser, my smile didn’t feel as pretty, and suddenly all the glitter that used to fall on me (yes I’m being dramatic) just stopped. I fell into a slump of feeling ick, and its lasted 5 long years.

But why is it always about looks? They are so fleeting when we think about it. A few short decades and soon those wrinkles and wisdom highlights set in, and we’re no longer consumed with long hours in front of a mirror with a mascara brush and a flat iron. What should define beauty is your personality.

Everyone always loves the person who can tell a joke where you end up in stitches, or the guy that is so entertaining he is the life of every party. No one is going to look back 20 years from now and be like, “Oh yeah; I remember the girl with really great eyebrows.” Beauty is more about the soul than the exterior shell.


Published by silversky87

34yrs old, avid reader and aspiring writer. I believe the fire of inspiration can take us to unknown and magical places. I’m a dreamer... Also been through some tough stuff, don’t underestimate me nor bet against me!

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