I recently booked my very first cruise. Carnival, 5 days, Bahamas… Nassau, Princess Cays, the whole nines. I unfortunately wasn’t able to find anyone to go with me, so I am running it solo, but who doesn’t need me time? I’m an opportunist; I see this as 5 days of freedom from work drama, people, housework, and just life in general. I’m currently on break from school through the Fall as I await decision from another college, so that’s covered.

I’ve never been on a cruise. I don’t know a thing. So when I put the deposit down and reserved parking at the departing terminal… that’s where I hit a block. What am I going to do for 5 days?? Also, what happens when the ship docks in the islands? I get lost here at home; I don’t want to go off exploring and never find my way back. When I say I have no direction I mean I have no direction… say north and I point up.

Now I know there are things to do on the ship that are included and fee(less). Which I will take advantage of. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if I spend the entire time hanging by the pool with a Pina colada. Maybe it’s travel nerves… I want to have a good time, but I’m so full of jitters I’m starting to worry about non-issues. This will be my first “real” vacation. I’ve only ever traveled maybe 3-4 states away, and for a max of 4 days. I’ve never been outside of the states, nor to an island before. What can I say… I led a very sheltered life, and I made a vow in my 30’s I would grow and experience more.

If anyone who reads my blog has been on a cruise and would like to share some words of wisdom to a rookie, please do! I depart later in the year 🙂

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34yrs old, avid reader and aspiring writer. I believe the fire of inspiration can take us to unknown and magical places. I’m a dreamer... Also been through some tough stuff, don’t underestimate me nor bet against me!

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