Silence I say!

Nobody likes loudmouths… and if you do, well then we won’t vibe.

As I sit typing this, a woman I work across a very thin wall from (cubicle walls) is on the phone and basically letting the whole office hear her. When she’s not on the phone, she’s telling everyone her business, praising God she is alive, complaining about her pain (which could be resolved if she really committed to weight loss) and whining (OH THE WHINING.)

Point is… these people are not desirable, as friends, coworkers, or partners. I value opinions, and hearing about your problems, but not on stereo level and with an office as an audience, or maybe a restaurant or mall for other examples. No one needs to hear someone’s personal life blasted like the news channel… not unless they trying, like eavesdropping trying.

This is a problem I have encountered in jobs, restaurants, and other public settings. Especially in stores when people hold the phone like several feet away from them on speaker (like are you social distancing from your device?) Then they proceed to have an argument or a deeply personal conversation for all to hear. I once was privy to an argument and what I believed was a call to a gyno all in the same mall trip; I’m still scarred to this day. Like TURN IT DOWN people… we don’t need all that on level 100 volume.

Learn to talk quieter, have phone conversations quieter, and fight in private, geez. I don’t know when the world got accustomed to being so “loud” but it sucks man. It’s right up there on my list with people jamming in next to me in the grocery store line like sardines. Remember when social distance was a good thing? We need to bring it back, like asap.

I like things on a normal talking volume, or just not at all. Save all that loudmouth behavior for when your mad and need to go in the backyard and scream cause your kids drew on the wall with crayon or because Starbucks was out of soy… but not in public when other people are around.

AHHH I just had to rant… it’s a tough day!

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35yrs old, avid reader and aspiring writer. I believe the fire of inspiration can take us to unknown and magical places. I’m a dreamer... Also been through some tough stuff, don’t underestimate me nor bet against me!

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