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Annual screenings. They are important to get each year as they tell many things from blood pressure all the way to cancer screenings. I just had mine recently, which recently included my very first Pap test. Yes, at 34 years old I’ve never had one. Why my PCP didn’t find it necessary I have no idea. I mean it’s sole purpose is to screen for cervical cancer, muy importante!! I was at the clinic funded through my job (County has lots of perks) and it was tossed into my physical. I’m glad I had it done, and now it will be a yearly thing.

We discussed everything from my stress levels and mental health all the way to my constant heartburn, which I’m glad she hopefully found a solution to. I was getting worried I had acid reflux issues, but it might be because of the weight gain. It makes sense, because when I was smaller I don’t remember having this bad of a heartburn problem. Generic Prilosec is being sent to my house, and even better? It’s free!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to get these checks. While mine was pretty uneventful… well aside from my ears being a little raw and infected… I still walked away with a pretty clean bill of health. Pap test results pending obviously. It’s good to know the simple things like blood pressure, how your heart is doing, and where your weight is at. I almost cried when standing on the scale, but that will change soon enough.

We only get one life, so it’s important we take care of it.

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